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"Denise is a gem and if you loved her from the Summer EP, you already know that a star is born."
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   Denise Henderson accompanied by various musicians, spans several genres of music. Her soulful sound gives uplift to the Blues, her vocal strength puts the "Rock" in Rock and Roll and her knowledge of music pleases crowds with both old-school and new-school covers and original music. 


   Denise started out singing music in church. With her mother and father at the helm of the radio dial she fell in love with the sounds of  artist like; Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. However, it would be the Prince “Dirty Minds” Album that her sister Cathy let her listen to that would guide her musical love of Funk Fused Rock. 


   As soon as Denise was old enough, she moved to New York City to embark on her musical career. It was there that she would meet a House Music producer name Alfredo Roman, that convinced her that this was the sound for her vocals. Immediately falling in love with Deep House and its music scene, Denise started performing late night with backing tracks on any stage that would have her. She rode the stages in clubs like Webster Hall, Sound Factory, Café Wah and The Lion’s Den (who doesn’t love Reggae). Shortly after recording the track “Still Burning” with Roman and Newborn Records, her producer answered a call to move to Europe. Denise decided then to return to her roots in Maryland and embark on her first love of live music with a full band.


   In Maryland she joined the newly formed band Groovalistic Allstars and enjoyed four years of playing great music in venues like the renown CBGB’s and recording a self-titled CD with members of that band. Shortly after leaving Groovalistic she recorded her first Solo Project "Denise Henderson and the Experience" with a group of talented musicians like the amazing Bouchard Brothers, Eric and Marty, her longstanding Keyboardist Scott Schoem and other talented musicians from the DC area.


   Through it all Denise never gave up on her love of House Music and continues to work and record with Producers and Artists such as Quentin Harris, Ultra Nate’ and Chris Burns. Not neglecting her “still love” for Funk and Rock Denise is accompanied by her guitarist Curtis Lester and other talented musicians playing live throughout the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. She has been honored and able to gather on many local stages with many fine musicians such as Blues Alley, Rams Head Live, Baltimore’s Soundstage and Bethesda Blues and Jazz.

   The ability and desire to play music whether it’s in a sound booth in the studio or on a stage for thousands to hear, one thing remains to be true…as long as there are lovers of music, Denise will always love playing music.  



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